Metro U-Pass Pilot Program

LMU has partnered with Los Angeles Country Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA or METRO) to increase student access to public transportation services. The U-Pass Program offers eligible students unlimited rides on Metro's rails and bus lines and is designed to streamline the process of purchasing college student discount fares. See below for eligibility requirements.

Once you have purchased a U-Pass, you'll receive a card featuring smart-chip technology. It's good for unlimited rides on all Metro bus and rail, LADOT-DASH, Culver City transit, Torrance Transit, GTrans, Foothill Transit, Long Beach Transit, Montebellow Bus Line, Norwalk Transit, Pasadena Transit, and Big Blue Bus.

Eligibility Requirements


  1. Complete Metro's Disclaimer / Waiver Form
  2. Print or forward the confirmation email to
  3. Purchase semester U-Pass in person from the Parking Office
  4. Receive Metro U-Pass Tap Media (requires the Parking Office to apply the media to the participant's LMU OneCard)
  5. Begin riding Metro for cheap!

Schedules & Pricing

Fall passes are valid from 8/30/21 through 1/23/21 and are sold for a limited time at the start of each semester. The current price for a U-Pass tap card is $2 and is renewable each term.

U-Pass TermSemester PriceProration RateEffective DateExpiration Date
Summer 2021 $ $    
Fall 2021 $105.00 $5.25/wk 1/10/2022 5/23/2022

Lost or Stolen U-Pass Cards

U-Pass Cards are replaceable for $2.00.  Failure to report a missing U-Pass sticker can result in the disqualification of the participant's eligibility for current and future U-Pass Terms.