Alternative Transportation Incentive Program (ATIP)

The Alternative Transportation Incentive Program's (ATIP) intention is to decrease the number of Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOVs) on the road, reduce campus congestion, and contribute to an improvement of air quality. ATIP also seeks to accommodate alternative commuters who must occasionally drive to campus or make an emergency trip home.

The following are recognized forms of alternative commuting approved by the University:

  • Carpooling
  • Bus or Train Commuting
  • Walking, Biking, Skateboarding
  • Ridesharing (Uber, Lyft, Taxi)
  • Combination of any of the Above

ATIP participation is available to any LMU community member committed to alternative commuting and who meets the following criteria:

  1. Is currently a student, faculty, staff or affiliate of LMU
  2. Has zero unpaid parking citations
  3. Has not purchased a parking permit (carpool permits exempt)
  4. Does not have a current housing assignment on campus
  5. Has submitted a completed the ATIP Enrollment Form

Applicants must complete the ATIP Enrollment Form online or in-person at the Parking Office. Once the ATIP Consent Form has been processed by Parking Office staff, a confirmation email will be sent with detailed instructions. Memberships do not automatically carry-over and must be renewed each semester.

Enrollment Dates

Participants must re-enroll each semester in order to receive a validation code. Fall programming runs from August 1 through the end of December. Spring programming begins on January 1 and runs until the end of May. The Summer begins June 1 and ends August 31.

SemesterStart DateEnd Date
Fall August 1 December 31
Spring January 1 May 31
Summer June 1 August 31


ATIP participants receive certain exclusive benefits as members beyond simply saving money on parking fees, gasoline, insurance and maintenance. A few of our current benefits include complementary parking for one-off occasions and automatic enrollment into our Guaranteed Ride Home Program.

Rainy Day Passes

Receive complementary parking validation codes for emergencies or the rare occasion when you need your vehicle on campus. Enrollees receive up to 5 free codes per semester and up to 3 codes during summer terms I and II.

Code Request Schedule

SemesterRequest Cut-Off DateCode Uses
Fall August 31 5
Fall September 30 4
Fall October 31 3
Fall November 30 2
Fall December 31 1
Spring January 31 5
Spring February 28 (or last day) 4
Spring March 31 3
Spring April 30 2
Spring May 31 1
Summer June 30 3
Summer July 31 2
Summer August 31 1

Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH)

Participants are eligible for 2 rides home by Taxi or Rideshare (Uber and Lyft) in the event of an emergency each year. Participants are responsible for submitting receipts and documentation for reimbursement. Visit the Metro Rideshare webpage for more information.

Acceptable GRH Reimbursements

  • Personal illness / emergency
  • Unexpected illness / emergency of immediate family member
  • Carpool / Vanpool driver unexpected emergency or overtime
  • Participant is required to work unscheduled overtime

Unacceptable GRH Reimbursements

  • Planned or scheduled doctor / medical office visit
  • Personal errands
  • Public transit delays
  • Terminations / layoffs
  • Business travel / ride to work
  • Inclement weather
  • Vehicle mechanical trouble
  • In-place of loaner carpool or vanpool
  • Ride to tow impound yard for rule violations
  • Sent home from work early for non-emergency reasons
  • Any trip where alternate transportation can be arranged

The Parking Office has the right to approve or reject any request for reimbursement at their sole discretion. Any GRH trip to a location that does not match the address on file will require additional documentation supporting the claimant's right to reimbursement.

Carpool Commuter Club

Take your alternative commuting a step further by registering with the Parking Office as an official Carpool Club Commuter. Carpool Club Commuters have the option to occupy a limited number of reserved carpool spaces across campus. Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters are not eligible. Spaces are limited and are first come, first serve.


Carpool Club Commuters must enroll as an ATIP participant and apply in-person with the entire carpool present. Members must not have a current parking permit. Carpool groups must have the same affiliation with the University. The group must assign a primary contact for their carpool who will take responsibility for the group's compliance and will be assigned the group's Carpool Permit. Permits are sold each semester and do not automatically renew. All members are assigned a unique Carpool Commuter Club Access Pass that will be used for receiving Daily Carpool Permits from the Welcome Booth on LMU Dr. Access Passes expire at the end of each semester.

Changes to Membership

Changes to the group's carpool are the responsibility of the carpool primary contact. Vehicles added or removed after the initial registration must be submitted in advance to the Parking Office's email at minimum 72 hours before parking on campus.

Carpools that drop below 2 carpoolers have 15 calendar days to fill the vacancy. Failure to meet the minimum number of carpoolers will result in the Parking Office cancelling the group's membership for the semester and converting the Carpool Permit to the primary contact's default permit-type.

Accessing Carpool Spaces

Only registered vehicles to Carpool Permits eligible to occupy a carpool space. Additionally, a current daily carpool permit must be displayed clearly on the vehicle's dashboard. Once a carpool is parked it may not leave and re-park in a carpool space without obtaining a new carpool permit for the day. Daily carpool permits are currently only available from the Lincoln Welcome Booth between the hours of 7 am and 4 pm.

Carpool spaces are limited and are not guaranteed. The lack of available carpool spaces does not permit a carpool to illegally park or violate the University's Rules and Regulations. If all carpool spaces are occupied, student carpools may park in a commuter student location. Faculty and staff carpools may park in a faculty and staff location.

Registered carpools and vanpools will receive support from the Parking Department and its partners at Enterprise vRide and Zimride.

Terms of Service

Participation in ATIP does not excuse any driver from full compliance with the University's Parking Rules & Policies. All vehicle operators are expected to follow and adhere to all local, state, and federal regulations. ATIP participants who drive and park on campus shall be treated as any other member of the LMU community. The Department of Parking and Transportation has the right to suspend or revoke an individual's participation in ATIP for the violation or the suspected violation of any criteria listed in this document. Benefits are determined by the Department of parking and transportation and may change depending on available resources. The Parking and Transportation Department may amend this document or cancel services without notice.