Event Parking

Attending an Event

Loyola Marymount University is host to numerous internal and external events ranging in sizes. The Parking and Transportation Department encourages all patrons to review the University's Rules and Regulations in advance and purchase parking ahead of time through LMU Park to avoid lines at campus Pay Stations. Paid parking is required Monday through Friday, 8 am until 8 pm. Guests with smartphones are also able to purchase parking via the Parkmobile app by using LMU's parking zone, 961.

Parking during weekdays can be busier in central parking areas and visitors should plan on parking in one of the campus perimeter areas in University Hall or Lot-H. The LMU campus is an enjoyable 15 minute walk from end to end, meaning most event venues are easily accessible from any parking facility on campus. For more event information please contact the Conference & Event Office at (310) 338-2878 or by emailing scheduling@lmu.edu. Maps are available from the Welcome Booth off of Lincoln Blvd. All visitors to campus must enter through the Lincoln Blvd entrance.

Working an Event

All contract services bringing a vehicle onto campus must purchase parking during paid parking hours. Spaces may not be reserved or blocked without the prior written approval of the Parking and Transportation Department. All vehicles must park in a marked parking space. Events requiring unloading and loading in no parking zones must make advanced arrangements with the Parking Office.

Planning an Event

The Department of Parking and Transportation supports campus events in various capacities related to parking and traffic. Events will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis depending on the academic calendar and available resources. While we will do our best to accommodate all requests, we do ask for at least a two week's notice. Event requests submitted 14 days or less prior to the event's start date are not guaranteed parking and transportation support.

Contracted Parking & Transportation Services

Contracted Parking and Transportation Services labor must be vetted and approved by the Parking and Transportation Office. Events operating without the Parking and Transportation Department's written approval are not guaranteed parking and transportation support. Unauthorized events disrupting regular parking and traffic on campus or interfering with a scheduled event may be asked to stop operations or relocate depending on the area and the level of disruption at the event organizer's expense.

Food Truck on Campus

If you are looking to have a food truck on campus for an event, please refer to the Food Truck Policy, as well as the maps on where food trucks can be stationed on campus. 


All parking and traffic requests are required to be accommodated by a request form. If you're unsure of what form to complete please contact the Parking Office.

Forms designed for frequent requestors of coupon codes and space block-offs. Pre-approval is preferred.

Right to Charge for Traffic Control

Events that either turn down traffic support or fail to schedule adequate traffic support will be charged $30 an hour for each hour parking personnel are required to accommodate your event's traffic needs. We strongly encourage any event planner who is unsure if their event will require traffic support to contact the Parking and Transportation Office.

Validation and Space Block-Off Approvals

Using University funds to validate parking or reserve a parking space requires advanced permission from the area's Senior Vice President or Dean. Delegates may be assigned, through a written request to parking@lmu.edu, to approve budget transfers regarding validations and block-offs on behalf of their Senior Vice President or Dean. A validation is any method for covering the cost of parking of another during permit enforcement hours, including the use of an employee's University P-Card. Examples of validations include:

  • Coupon Codes
  • Advanced Permit Purchases
  • Pay Station or Parkmobile Purchases on Behalf of Another
  • Blocked Spaces (cost of daily parking included with a reserved space)

Certain restrictions and prerequisites apply. See below for specific details.

Event Signage

Parking and Transportation provides generic event directional signage and holders. Events requesting custom signs must provide all signage to the Parking Office at least 1 day in advance of the event's start date for prep and placement. Signage delivered the day is not guaranteed to be placed. Signage should be printed to the following specs:

  • Width = 26"
  • Height = 29"

Signage should be laminated and the design shared with the Parking Event's Team before placing any orders. The Parking Department may suggest revisions or changes and has the right to refuse the placement of signage at its sole discretion. Orders can be placed with the Campus's Digital Graphics Office at cdgraphics@lmu.edu or by calling x82730.

Other Types of Support

In addition to the above listed items, the Parking and Transportation Office can assist your event with a variety of services at an additional cost. Please complete the Full Event Intake Form to begin.

Examples of other types of support:

  • Traffic Control
  • Valet Services
  • Greeters and Cashiers
  • Planning / Consulting
  • Transportation