Vendor Parking Program

The Parking Office understands certain jobs require special parking accommodations in order to complete services in a timely manner. The Vendor Parking Program intends to allow vendors parking access to specific areas, which would otherwise be restricted from general vehicle parking.

Program Details

Enrollment into this program grants registered vendors certain parking accommodations normally unavailable without having to make pre-arrangements through the Parking Office each time access is needed. It is expected enrolled vendors park in regular/general parking areas unless the specific job being performed requires immediate access to the restricted area. Enrollment into the program does not waive parking charges or amend any policy or regulation outside of what is specified in this document. Only vehicles registered via the Enrollment Form will be covered. Enrollment terminates when the semester ends and re-enrollment is required with each new semester.

Actual use of special accommodation privileges requires a lack of available parking spaces at service site and at least one of the following conditions to be present at the time of use:

  • Emergency response to an urgent service request critical to university operations, which the delay or postponement of service would interrupt essential university functions
  • Frequent loading and/or unloading of heavy, bulky or difficult to move equipment and/or materials/items
  • Essential equipment and/or tools unable to be removed from the service vehicle required for the completion of the job

Parking Exceptions

The following areas may be utilized for work related activities without pre-arrangement with the Department of Parking and Transportation under the terms set in this document.

  • Loading/Timed Spaces
  • Unmarked Space in Parking Lots/Garages
    • Grass, sidewalk and pedestrian thoroughfares require pre-arranged permissions from the Departments of Parking and Transportation, Public Safety and Facilities Management
    • Curbside along any street or road


In order to be eligible for this program, the following criteria must be met:

  • Be a current authorized LMU vendor
    • Valid certificates of insurance etc. are on record with Risk Management and could be obtained by request if needed
  • Provide a current business card for contact placard
  • Be in good standing with the University
    • Have zero unpaid, delinquent parking citations
      • Unpaid or delinquent accounts will result in the termination from this program
  • Pay for parking on campus when performing work for LMU
    • Multiple vehicles under the same permit may not be on campus at a single time
  • Agree to comply with the university's parking rules, regulations and policies
  • Always display the contact placard with the current driver's information
    • Failure to display the contact placard may result in the citation and/or towing of the vehicle at owner's expense
  • Agree to terms and conditions set forth on the Enrollment Application Form (separate PDF)

Compliance & Safety

Use of the privileges defined in this document pertain to the actual date and time of scheduled service. Meetings about projects or services are not a valid reason to invoke the privileges listed on this document. Participation in the program does not excuse any driver of knowing and complying with the University's Rules and Regulations. All vehicle operators are expected to follow and adhere to all local, state and federal regulations. This program does not authorize or condone any violation of local, state and federal regulations. Fire-lane and ADA regulations may never be violated. Adequate space must be kept at all access ways for the safe passing of any emergency vehicle. Never park behind or block in any vehicle for any amount of time.

Vendors obstructing the regular flow of traffic or requiring the reduction of two-way traffic flow to a single lane are required to safely control traffic conditions with adequate signage and qualified personnel. Parking and Transportation at LMU reserves the right to require the service provider to provide additional personnel and/or signage at the vendor's expense. If the service provider fails or is unable to comply, services must stop and the vendor may be asked to leave the premises until the proper safety requirements can be met. All personnel working with the control or management of traffic must wear appropriate and code compliant safety equipment. Reflective vests must be worn at all times when working in traffic.


Vendors may request to participate in this program either in person at the Parking Office or by completing the Vendor Parking Program Application and emailing it to the Parking Office will also require a current business card for the primary contact on the account. Enrollment is not guaranteed. To check on the status of your application, please email or call the main Parking Office at 310.338.1681 during business hours.


The Department of Parking and Transportation has the right to suspend or terminate one's participation in the program for the violation (or suspected violation) of this document. Vehicles found in violation may be cited and/or towed at the owner's expense. The Department of Parking and Transportation may amend or change this document without notice.