Parking Advisory Committee

The Parking Advisory Committee (PAC) is charged with representing their various constituent groups across the University to discuss parking issues and compose, discuss, and recommend policies governing campus parking for approval by the President and Provost's Cabinet. The Parking Appeals Board is a subcommittee of the PAC and reviews second level appeals.


  • (Chair) Gary Bolton, Director of Parking and Transportation
  • Rob Raichlen, Director of Internal Communications, Marketing and Communications
  • Alex Padron, Assistant Athletics Director
  • Gary Hatter, Director of Security Technology and Access Control
  • Jo Gonzalez, Special Events Manager, University Advancement Services
  • Graduate Student
  • Ace Vo, Professor, College of Business Administration
  • Andrew O'Reilly, Senior Director for Auxiliary and Business Services
  • Nigel Raab, Professor Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
  • Jessica Hernandez, Sustainability Facilities Management
  • Beth Crowell, Associate Director for Resident Services
  • Sean Blatter, Student 
  • Melody Rod-ari, Assistant Professor College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Mike Wong, VP for Campus Operations
  • Wendell Lazaro-Espinoza, Parking and Transportation Cashier
  • Laura Jimenez, Parking and Transportation Internal Operations Manager