Other Benefits

  • Tuition Assistance

    Tuition Remission

    provides covered tuition costs only for eligible faculty, staff, dependent children and retirees for courses taken at LMU or LLS. Subject to conditions set forth in the policy, undergraduate or graduate courses can be taken towards:

    • Completion of one undergraduate and/or one graduate degree,
    • Completion of a credential/certificate program offered by one of the six University Schools/Colleges, or
    • Under non-degree status.


    Summer I Semester - April 15th
    Summer II Semester - May 15th
    Fall Semester - June 15th
    Spring Semester - November 15th

    If an application is received after the deadline, late fees will be applied. If the 15th of the month falls on a weekend, forms are due the following Monday.



    Routing Process

    • Tuition Remission Routing Process

    Tuition Exchange

    LMU participates in Tuition Exchange, an undergraduate tuition remission program that allows dependent children of full-faculty and staff who are eligible for tuition remission benefits at LMU to apply for tuition remission benefits at one of the participating Tuition Exchange institutions.


    The deadline to submit a Tuition Exchange & FACHEX scholarship applications for academic year 2019-2020 is September 28, 2018. No late applications will be accepted.




    In addition to participating in the Tuition Exchange, LMU also participates in FACHEX, an undergraduate tuition remission program that allows dependent children of full-time faculty and staff who are eligible for tuition remission benefits at LMU to apply for tuition remission benefits at one of the participating Jesuit institutions.

    Read more about the FACHEX program, application procedures and deadlines.


    Faculty and staff with tuition remission questions should contact HR at (310) 338-2723.

  • Convenience & Entertainment

    Faculty & Staff

    • Optional choice of membership in the University Credit Union and SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union.
    • Direct deposit of paychecks and two ATM machines
    • Use of University services and facilities, including the library at both campuses, fitness center, group fitness classes, basketball courts, tennis courts and swimming pool. Monthly costs are $12/month for an individual and $22/month for families, and are eligible for payroll deductions.
    • Discount tickets to cultural events and entertainment centers
    • Discounts available on many items in the LMU Bookstore, including textbooks
    • Sports, camping and ski equipment rentals available on campus
    • Employee Flexi Meal Plan Rebates that allow faculty/staff to earn 5% of the first $100 spent with Campus dining as Flexi Dollar rebates and a 10% rebate for food Flexi Dollar purchases over $100 each semester


    • Full use of the libraries at both campuses
    • Use of University services and facilities, including library, pool, tennis and racquetball courts and Recreation Center (annual fee $130, $260 annual family fee)
    • Discount tickets to cultural events and entertainment centers.
  • Paid Time Off

    Note: All policies are subject to change from time to time, at the sole discretion of the university.

  • Federally Regulated Benefits

    Changing Your Benefits During the Year - Qualified Status Changes

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows you to change certain benefit elections during the calendar year only if you have a qualified status change. Qualified status changes include:

    • Marriage, divorce, legal separation, annulment, or death of your spouse;
    • Birth, adoption, placement for adoption, death, or loss of legal custody of your dependent child;
    • Your dependent child is no longer eligible for coverage due to age, student status, or other eligibility criteria;
    • Your spouse starts or stops working;
    • You or your spouse changes from part-time to full-time status or vice versa, and there is a change in benefits;
    • You or your spouse takes an unpaid leave of absence;
    • You, your spouse, or your children have a change of residence;
    • You have a court order to provide medical and dental coverage for your legal dependent children (QMCSO); and
    • Special enrollment events.

    Your request to make plan changes must be submitted to Human Resources within 31 days of the qualified status change. When submitting your request, you must also provide proof of the qualified status change, such as a copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, birth certificate/adoption papers, etc. All events listed above qualify as a status change only if they result in a gain or loss of eligibility under the plan. Any changes you wish to make to your coverage must be consistent with the qualified status change. For more information about qualified status changes, contact Human Resources.

  • State Regulated Benefits

    The University, like other employers, makes payroll deductions for Social Security, Federal and State Income taxes, and State Disability Insurance Tax. The University contributes to each covered employee's Social Security plan, fully pays for Workers Compensation and Unemployment Insurance for each faculty/staff member.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    LMU offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Health Advocate, a strictly confidential service provided at no cost to full-time faculty and staff members and their household members. Experienced, master's and doctoral level clinicians are available to assist with personal and family concerns, in addition to work-life issues such as legal and financial services, career conflicts, and child care/elder care resources. Guidance consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.