HR Well-Being & Ergonomics

Well-being means more than exercise, nutrition or how we are feeling physically. It’s about taking a holistic view and understanding how the dimensions of well-being — mental health support, emotional, financial, environmental, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, social, physical and more — are intertwined and impact one another.

When it comes to well-being programs, a one-size fits all approach simply doesn’t work. HR Well-being is constantly evolving their resources and services to meet the varying needs of those in different life stages. Well-being is also more personal than just wellness alone, we focus on tailoring solutions to what our faculty and staff need to thrive. Through a holistic approach, faculty and staff can receive the support they need to not only be more productive at work but be happier and healthier overall.

Discover community "friends" in wellness who offer various discounts on fitness, yoga, healthy eating and more.
A wellness coach can help fac/staff find the motivation and tools to reach their physical, emotional and personal goals.