Student Permit Assistance

Eligible students will receive a supplement of $215.00 towards their semester parking permit. Notifications of eligibility will be communicated via e-mail by add/drop deadline.

Why is there a supplement?

The University allocated a finite pool of funding to assist qualified students by offsetting part of the parking fee for those who purchase a semester parking permit.

How does one qualify for the supplement?

Undergraduate Students:

  • Pell Grant recipient
  • Commuter student (does not live on-campus)
  • Have a semester parking permit charged to their student account
  • Good standing with the University

Graduate Students:

  • Are a graduate student at LMU
  • You have a Zero expected family contribution (EFC)
  • Live more than 10 miles from LMU
  • Are in good standing with the University
  • Enrolled in 6 or more Billable Units
  • Active Spring 2020 Parking Permit

How will the supplement affect my student account?

The charge for a parking permit will be automatically billed to your student account. If you have not elected to opt-out, the waiver credit will be sent to your student account and posted as a payment. The parking supplement may take several weeks to post from the semester's add/drop deadline.

How do I pay for my permit?

Permits are billed to student accounts and may be paid online through the Student Account Center, in-person at the Student Financial Services Office, or by mail. Mail-in payments for your student account must be sent to the Student Financial Services Office.

I have an unmet financial challenge, whom can I talk to?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at (310) 338-2793. They may not be able to help specifically with your parking fee, however, they will be able to explore options available to you for general financial assistance. There is an appeals process for financial aid.

Can the cost of the permit be included in my payment plan?

If you have already signed up for a payment plan with the Student Financial Services Office, the cost of your permit will be factored into your payments.