LMUCC Staff are the facilitators of each child's learning. They bring our philosophy to life on a daily basis. With this in mind, we recruit and hire those individuals who share our beliefs about how children learn and have a knowledge and understanding of quality Early Childhood programs. We select staff on the basis of their extensive experience and education in the field of Early Childhood Education. LMUCC staff are committed to life-long learning and are encouraged to be active leaders in the field through continuing education, working toward a national credential, and through memberships in professional organizations.

Grizel Lopez, M.A., Ed.D.

Associate Director

Karina Diaz, M.A.

Site Supervisor & Preschool Curriculum Coordinator

Talisa Hayes, M.A.

Site Supervisor & Infant / Toddler Curriculum Coordinator

Ryan Yandell, M.A.

Site Supervisor Business Operations

Yolanda Villacreses, M.B.A.

Senior Administrative Coordinator

Kimberly Bermudez, B.A.

Teacher, Older Infant Classroom

Vivian Amezcua, B.A.

Teacher, Older Infant Classroom

Leslie Hernandez, B.A. Candidate

Teacher, Older Infant Classroom

Esbeyde Arciniega, M.A.

Teacher, Older Infant Classroom

Stephanie Aguilar, B.A.

Teacher, Toddler Classroom

Zianne Rangel, B.A.

Teacher, Toddler Classroom

Gissel Yam Ciau, M.A. Candidate

Teacher, Toddler Classroom

Emily Figueroa, A.A. Candidate 

Teacher, Early Preschool Classroom

Rothinny Honghin, B.A.

Teacher, Early Preschool Classroom

Marie Angela Yema, B.A.

Teacher, Early Preschool Classroom

Toribio Benitez, B.A.

Teacher, Preschool Classroom

Martha Parra, A.A.

Teacher, Preschool Classroom

Margaret Weber, B.A. Candidate

Teacher, Preschool Classroom


Jackeline Hernandez, B.A.

Teacher, Mixed-Age Classroom

Jennifer Medina, A.A.

Teacher, Mixed-Age Classroom

Cynthia Moreno, A.A.

Teacher, Mixed-Age Classroom Teachers

Cecilia Castellon, A.A.

Support Staff

Corina Jimenez, B.S.

Support Staff