• When did LMUCC open?

    Opening day was August 26, 2002!

  • What are LMUCC's hours?

    LMUCC is open Monday through Friday from 7am - 6pm. We have full time (M-F), 3 day (MWF) or 2 day (T-TH) programs available.

  • How do I enroll my child in LMUCC?

    Parents may apply to the program after taking a tour of the school and submitting an application with the accompanying application fee. Once an application is submitted, children are placed on a waiting list.

  • Is there a discount or enrollment priority for siblings of enrolled children?

    While there is no sibling discount (as the cost for providing care for each child is the same), priority is given to siblings of children already enrolled in the program (with the exception of the infant classroom). This practice aligns with our mission: To support our families & build community.

  • Does the Center close in the summer?

    LMUCC operates year-round. However, as part of the University, LMUCC observes the same holidays and early closure days as the greater University. LMUCC closes for designated staff development and training days. A calendar of the year's events and closure days is distributed annually and at enrollment.

  • Does LMUCC offer snack and lunch programs?

    Yes. LMUCC provides morning and afternoon snacks and beverages (milk or water), at no additional cost. A lunch program is available at an additional cost or parents may also choose to pack a lunch. The classrooms have refrigerator storage and microwaves available to warm lunches (for children over 15 months), as necessary. Parents provide all infant formula or breast milk and baby food until their child is able to eat the food supplied by LMUCC.

  • How does LMUCC handle a child who becomes sick while at school?

    LMUCC has a "Sick Room" in the Administration building that provides a quiet resting place when a child is not feeling well. Parents will then be contacted to come pick up their child immediately.

  • What is your approach to discipline and guidance?

    At LMUCC, we believe that the children's daily interactions are opportunities for teachers to foster friendships and facilitate conflict resolution. We are committed to helping children develop a positive sense of self as well as the personal responsibility to care for others and their environment. When placed within any group of children, a variety of ideas, desires and needs will lead to different opinions. We support the development of children's problem-solving skills while also employing such strategies as redirection and natural consequences as a means of resolving conflicts.

  • If families take vacation do they pay full tuition?

    LMUCC does not provide reduction or credit of tuition for family vacations.