"We have had the privilege of having our son at LMUCC for several wonderful years. He has thrived in this safe and fun learning environment, and has matured and grown under the watchful eyes of the teachers and staff. They put so much thought and expertise into everything from the daily curriculum, to food options, to social interactions of the students. We would highly recommend LMUCC to any parents – they have made the first few years of our son’s life absolutely incredible and a positive learning experience. Thank you, LMUCC!"

- K. Lessley 


“We feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have our two-year-old son Ryan at LMUCC. He is excited to walk into the Center every morning and see his loving teachers and friends. LMUCC has taught Ryan through play how to look at the world creatively, and, most importantly, with a loving perspective. Just yesterday, I was walking across campus and I saw Ryan with his class literally skipping along while holding an LMU student’s hand. As a working mother, I am so grateful to give my son the opportunity to experience LMUCC. I am very confident and grateful that he is getting the best possible care. LMUCC is providing Ryan the skill sets to be successful in his life, and it has also taught my husband and I how to be good parents and enjoy these precious years.”

- C. Nangle Koehl


“I LOVE LMUCC! I’ve seen a lot of growth and self-confidence develop in Thia over the last year. Her teachers and friends, as well as the wonderful staff, have created an atmosphere of fun, support and social learning. Her confidence, social skills and independence have skyrocketed, and we couldn't be happier with our decision to enroll her in this program."

 - B. Kotowski


"My two children - now on the cusp of entering kindergarten - have been with LMUCC since they were infants and they truly love their time at school. LMUCC's play-based philosophy has encouraged them to learn about their world, wonder, create and dream. The passionate caregivers and visionary leadership at LMUCC have designed a nurturing and inspiring environment where my children can shine. I am so proud of who my children are becoming. Thanks!"

- L. Gifford


"For the past six years, LMUCC has given my children the type of education they need - taking the time to meet each of them where they are developmentally and emotionally. My son's experiences at LMUCC nurtured his love of learning and sense of play - something traditional academic programs have a difficult time doing. What is special about LMUCC is that the people there have always treated us like a family, and been interested in all of our lives for the purpose of truly understanding our children."

- M. Powell Wechsler


"LMUCC is more than a school... it's a family of friends working together to shape the lives of young children. The outstanding education my children have received from LMUCC is a solid academic and social foundation that will last a lifetime."

- L. Kiralla, Ed.D.