Corina Jimenez, B.S.

Corina was born in El Salvador and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Education. She worked as an elementary and middle school teacher in public and private schools in El Salvador for 12 years. She has always had passion for working with children. She came to the United States in 2002 and began to work with children 5 years and under. She worked in the USC child care programs as a young toddler teacher for three years. Corina’s commitment to the early childhood education field is evident, as she has been working with young children for over 17 years in the USA. She has been a teacher for the last six years here at the LMUCC, and looks forward to supporting families and watching their children to grow and develop in all the areas. Corina is fluent in Spanish (speaking and writing) and enjoys sharing her native language and culture with the children she cares for.