Track Package

All packages delivered to LMU go through a sorting process to separate Department/Staff packages and Student Packages. Please allow time to sort packages after your package tracking status is "Delivered". You can track the status of your package in our system below. If you have your respective carrier's tracking number, you can verify if it was received by the Distribution Center by entering the number in a Google Search. 

To check on the status of a package at the Distribution Center, please email and provide us with all the information including a tracking number. 

SCLIntra Package Tracking

To track the status of your package after it has been delivered to Distribution Center, please log in here: SCLogic 

First-time users must create an account using their LMU email address. 

US Postal Service Packages

LMU picks up its USPS mail and packages directly from the local post office every weekday morning. This means that when a USPS package is marked as "delivered", it has been delivered to the local post office and not to LMU. Please use the SCLIntra portal to track the in-house status of your item.