Our Services

Shipping and Receiving

Handles all incoming packages. Also handles outgoing UPS and FedEx shipments.
(310) 338-2763 or DCHD@lmu.edu

To submit a FedEx or UPS processing request, please complete the Shipping Services Form and attach it to your package. Alternatively, university employees may process UPS packages online using UPS CampusShip. Please contact the DC to request access to this service.  

Carrier Deadlines
FedEx - 2:30pm
UPS - 3:15pm
USPS - 3:15pm

Note: The DC cannot process any package after its carrier deadline. 

Mail Distribution

Handles all incoming mail, delivery changes for departments, and intercampus mass mailing distribution.
(310) 258-8789 or  DCHD@lmu.edu 

Bulk Mail Services

Handles database manipulation, address printing, and mail preparation for mass mailing fulfillment.
(310) 338-5197 or DCHD@lmu.edu 

Mail Processing

Prepares all outgoing mail and packages for pickup by the US Postal Service.
(310) 338-5198 or DCHD@lmu.edu

If you need to process a mailing of 25+ outbound mailpieces, please complete and submit a Mail Services Postage Request Form with your mail pieces.