Our Services

Shipping and Receiving

Receives all incoming packages, delivers all department and staff packages, and handles outgoing UPS and FedEx shipments.
(310) 338-2763 (Ext. 82763) or DCHD@lmu.edu

For department and staff package deliveries (trackable and paperwork) please call (310) 338-7756 (Ext. 87756) 

To submit a FedEx or UPS processing request, please complete the Shipping Request Form

Carrier Pick-Up Times (Monday-Friday)
FedEx - 2:30pm
UPS - 3:00pm
US Postal Service - 2:30pm

Note: The DC cannot process any package after its carrier pick-up time. Please allow reasonable time for processing well before the deadlines. 

Mail Distribution

Sorts all incoming mail sorting and delivers to departments; In addition to intercampus mailing distribution. For any information, issues, or questions with Mail pick-ups or delivery, please contact the following: (310) 258-8789 (Ext. 88789)

Mail Processing

Meters all outgoing mail and packages for pickup by the US Postal Service.

(310) 338-5198 (Ext. 85198)

If you need to process a mailing of 25+ outbound mailpieces, please complete and submit a Postage Request Form. Please have your Workday/Cost Center. 

Bulk Mail Services

Handles database manipulation, address printing, and mail preparation for mass mailing fulfillment.
(310) 338-2749 (Ext.82749)