Spring 2024

Full Department Deliveries will resume on January 8th, 2024. 

Amazon Lockers at Founders Pavilion Available Now (Name: Rica)  

LMU is piloting a bank of Amazon lockers at Founders Pavilion, specifically behind Kikka Sushi. Students can have their Amazon orders delivered directly to the locker bank by selecting the “Rica” delivery point in the shipping address field. 

Once a customer has been notified that their package was delivered to the Amazon locker, they will have three days to collect their items. 

*Amazon locker banks will operate 100% independently from the LMU Distribution Center.*

For Faculty/Staff:

Departmental Mail and Package Delivery

The Distribution Center will attempt deliveries to all open departments/ Mail Stops with an available staff member. Please call (310) 338-2763 to request delivery if an attempt has not been made (Mail or Packages). Please note that offices must be regularly staffed for deliveries to be made.

Mail Distribution is currently going through a transition phase, expect minor delays.  

If packages are not properly addressed, they will be sorted in as "To be determined" or TBD and will be discarded or donated after 30 days. 

Mail Forwarding
Unfortunately, the Distribution Center is unable to forward individual faculty or staff mail. Please contact your Department Chair or Office Admin to determine how mail is retrieved. 

For Students:

Package Retrieval - Time Limit

All unclaimed student packages will be discarded or donated after 30 days of delivery. 

For any special accomodations or time extensions please contact the HelpDesk at DCHD@lmu.edu 

Student Mail Retrieval
Students living on campus may pick up their mail from the Mail Center in Suite 1111 of University Hall. If a student living off-campus would like to have mail forwarded to a new address, they should contact the Distribution Center HelpDesk (DCHD@lmu.edu).

Mail Forwarding 

If you are no longer attending LMU, graduating, or taking a temporary leave of absence, you can submit a Mail Forward Request. Click on the + next to "Students". Mail can only be forwarded to a US Domestic Address. 


Updated 08.30.2023