Faculty and Staff

Workday Purchase Shipping Address

Please change your default address from 1880 to your respective department. Packages may be delayed if the address is not accurate for delivery. 

Department Address Format

First & Last Name (no nicknames)
Department Name
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive, MS/STE ####
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Mail/Packages may be delayed if they are not properly addressed or if the employee is not in the mail delivery database or the University Directory.

Packages not properly addressed will be sorted in as "To Be Determined" (TBD) and will be discarded or donated after 30 days 

Interdepartmental Mail Format

Proper addressing for intracampus department mail:

  • First and Last Name 
  • Department Name 
  • STE or MS

There is typically a 24 hour turnaround for intracampus mail.

Outgoing Mail

All personal transactions must take place at the Campus Mail Center.

Departments should contact Shipping and Receiving for pick-up of outgoing packages. The mail delivery person may be able to take the packages but it is at their discretion.

All mail that is to be billed to the department must bear the department's return address with the department budget number to be charged attached. Additionally, please note that letters yet to be sealed must be bundled together with their flaps open.

Call 310-338-2763 for pick-ups and Office Depot returns.

Mail Forwarding 

All Staff and Faculty mail forwarding is handled by each individual department. Please contact your respective department for any mail forwarding requests. 

Perishable Items and Refrigeration 

Any grocery items such as Amazon Fresh should be delivered directly to the recipient/department. Perishable packages/boxes and temperature sensitive items are not guaranteed to be refrigerated and frozen. Please contact the Distribution Center in advance to coordinate delivery of temperature sensitive items. 

Distribution Center Extension: 82763

Shipping and Receiving Coordinator: 87756