Workday Training

Learning Workday - Your Way!

Whether you prefer to learn by following step-by-step instructions, watching demo videos, or attending live webinars, LMU has a variety of learning opportunities to suit you.

The following is a sneak peek at the types of learning materials that will be made available in the coming months. Starting June 28, you can find these materials readily available on the LMU Workday dashboard.

  • Reference Guides - offers self-paced instructions and screen shots.
  • Video Demos - provides overviews of frequently used Workday functions.
  • Zoom Webinars - covers essential functions for Human Resources and Finance. Scroll down to the "Sign Up for Workday Webinars" section for the schedule and registration links.

If you have questions about Workday training, please view our Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions page.

Sign Up for Workday Webinars

Workday Webinars serve as a live demo, with a dedicated Q&A session to answer your questions. Workday team members will either reach out to you directly, or post frequently asked questions and answers on the Workday homepage. If you cannot attend any of the webinars, recordings will be posted on this webpage.

Important Notes about Workday Webinars

  • Registration is required.
  • Each webinar is 60 minutes in length and you can register for as many sessions as you need. Please check with your manager to ensure there is sufficient office coverage and no scheduling conflicts.
  • Attending the "HR Webinar for Employees" webinar first is a prerequisite for managers.
  • You will receive several emails with a unique link to attend the webinar, add to your Outlook calendar, remind you of upcoming webinars, and to submit a webinar evaluation survey.

Additional Special Group Training

The following training is in progress, and will continue through the June 28 Workday launch.

Train-The-Trainer - Beginning in late May, LMU trainers from HR and the Controller's Office are participating in internal Workday learning sessions, to qualify as subject matter experts before leading end-user webinars.

Instructor-Led Training - Starting in early June, training for the following specialty groups has begun. If you are part of any of these groups, you will receive further email communication with detailed info, including session schedules and how to register.

  • Procure-To-Pay
  • Cost Center Managers/Specialists
  • Department Finance Specialists 
  • Student Employment
  • HR Recruitment (for staff and faculty positions)
  • Budgets
  • Workday Essentials for Facilities Management Supervisors (in Spanish)
  • and more.