LMU Workday

Propel LMU is the name of the multi-year initiative that encompasses the selection, development, and implementation of Workday to serve as LMU’s guiding software for all of the university’s HR and financial processes. Workday launches in June 2021.

Workday is the industry’s premiere cloud-based ERP system, and the first true HR and finance application uniquely built for higher education. The user-friendly interface will consolidate and replace numerous existing systems, including Concur, MyTime, and others, into one easy-to-use platform for greater transparency and simplicity.

We are excited to bring Workday to the bluff – an application that suitably reflects LMU’s unique position as a top university surrounded by the creative technological innovation of Silicon Beach.  

Workday Is Coming!

Workday is coming to the bluff in June 2021! Find out what's changing, and how it will help LMU and you.