LMU Workday

Workday consolidates all HR and financial processes into a single platform. Through Workday, you can update your benefits and contact info, view pay slips, request time off, submit expense reports, and more.

What's New

Check back for new features and upcoming events.

  • November 2022 Workshops: register and watch recordings here.  
  • Workday Assistant: new automated support tool launches Nov. 5.
  • Personal Info Review: HR encourages you to review your key personal information annually for completeness and accuracy. Please verify your contact info, emergency contacts, LMU Alert info, and more at workday.lmu.edu
  • Workday Learning: LMU faculty and staff now have access to LinkedIn Learning via Workday. To access, go to MyLMU and select the “Accounts & Tech” dropdown menu >> LinkedIn Learning. 

Workday Support

There are several ways to get the help you need.

  • Workday Support Desk - Just like the ITS Service Desk, you can submit questions to Finance or Human Resources, or any feature request at lmu.edu/workdaysupport
  • Workshop Recordings - You can find Expense Reports, Purchasing, LMU Credit Cards, and more here. Check back for future recordings. 
  • Quick Reference Guides - Find step-by-step instructions on numerous topics in the Workday Support app (the life buoy icon on the Workday dashboard).


2022 Maintenance Schedule

Workday runs routine maintenance, to ensure the platform remains updated and free from bugs. In general, there are four types of maintenance.

  • Weekly Service Updates
  • Monthly Planned Maintenance
  • Quarterly Planned Maintenance 
  • Feature Releases

For 2022 dates, please refer to this schedule.