Green LMU Team
The Green LMU Team

Our mission is to catalyze education, innovation, and stewardship initiatives for the wellbeing of our planet.

Since our first environmental initiatives in 1990, LMU's commitment to green campus practices has grown into an innovative program known as "Green LMU." Green LMU seeks to utilize Loyola Marymount University as a living laboratory. We are a leader in innovation, responsible for environmental operations, groundbreaking technology solutions, and business solutions. We provide educational classes and research to students and faculty. We also promote stewardship through community service and community education, even beyond our campus home base. We value adventure, progress, imagination and community.

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Green LMU
1 LMU Drive, MS 8120
Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659

Phone: (310) 338-5838
Email: green@lmu.edu