Palm North and Palm South

Loyola Marymount University remains committed to incorporating sustainability into all newly constructed buildings on campus. All new construction or major renovations must be LEED certified or equivalent. Buildings with a sustainable design offer economic, environmental, and societal benefits. Some of these benefits include healthier, natural light which allow students and employees to perform better and improve overall moods.

A view of the entryway to Palm North and South from across the road

What makes it "Green"?


  • Over 31% reduction in indoor water use, using low flow showers, faucets and low-flush water closets
  • Drip irrigation using reclaimed water – 57.7% reduction from EPA baseline
  • Drought-tolerant/native planting
  • Storm water management using bioswales
Aerial view of the courtyard area between Palm North and South


  • The projected annual energy consumption of the building is 39.8 kBTU/sf/year EUI.
  • 2% projected energy cost saving beyond the ASHRAE 90.1 baseline.
  • 88% total energy cost offset by onsite renewable energy.
  • High-performance windows
  • All LED light fixtures
  • Two operable panes per window in all student rooms to enhance natural ventilation
  • Light-colored paving to reduce heat island effect
Students going about their business in a large open living room and kitchen area in Palm North


  • Access to Daylight
  • 3% Living spaces with Access to quality views

Construction Waste

  • 76% construction waste diverted from landfills

Health and Well Being

  • Designed for active occupants using exterior stairs and decks
  • Designed to promote socialization and a sense of community
  • Low VOC materials and finishes for healthy indoor air quality