Door Access

Door access at LMU may be restricted using Blackboard, Lenel, Onity or metal keys. Doors controlled by Blackboard, Lenel and Onity are accessed using the LMU OneCard.


Blackboard controlled doors use a flat vertical card swipe and are ultimately supported by the Campus Business Operations / OneCard office. However, access to most of these doors is managed by the offices to which they are attached. Requests for access to Blackboard controlled doors should be made to the associated office, or, if one cannot be identified, to the OneCard office.


Lenel controlled doors use an angled vertical card swipe and are managed by Public Safety. All requests for access to Lenel controlled doors should go to Public Safety.


Onity controlled doors are hotel style "dip" locks and are ultimately supported by the Facilities Lock Shop. However, actual management of access to these doors is split between Facilities Lock Shop for Administrative doors and Housing for Housing doors. Requests for access to these doors should go to the appropriate office.

Only the offices described above can assign access to the doors they support or manage. Adding the door access to the OneCard for these doors is done by:

  • The Appropriate Department or OneCard office for Blackboard doors
  • Public Safety for the Lenel doors
  • Housing for Housing doors
  • Facilities Lock shop for Administrative doors

In the case of Onity – once the access has been applied in the database, the card needs to be encoded with that access by Housing, Facilities or the OneCard office. None of these offices can actually "assign/grant" access to doors in the other systems.

The Campus Business Operations / OneCard office cannot Add, Change, or Delete access to Lenel or Onity locks. We can only re-encode your OneCard with access that has been pre-assigned by one of the offices listed above.

Campus Business Operations issues University ID cards and/or performs door access encoding changes in-person as a means of maintaining a high level of campus and cardholder security with the intention of protecting the cardholder's access privileges and authenticating the individuals cardholder descriptive information. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Sr. Director of Auxiliary Services, Senior VP, or CFO forty-eight (48) hours prior to requesting a University OneCard issuance or cardholder service changes by proxy.