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LMU OneCard

The LMU OneCard is a multi-functional, campus ID "Smart Card" that provides faculty, staff, and students with: transactional access to applicable meal plans and laundry facilities; door access to authorized classrooms, offices, computer labs, and dorm rooms; various campus events and services such as the mail distribution center, William H. Hannon Library and Burns Recreation Center. All LMU OneCard cardholders agree to abide by the LMU OneCard Terms of Use.

No Appointment Necessary!

The Campus Business Operations | OneCard Office is located in University Hall, Suite 1100 (across from Einstein Bagels).

Regular Business Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (excluding university holidays)

Extended Hours:
Wednesdays until 7pm (during the academic year) 

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Need to Make a Guest Deposit?

Click the link below and select "Make a Guest Deposit". Input the account holder's 9-digit University ID Number, then follow the prompts to add money to their account!

  • You can add money to your OneCard online or via a Cash-To-Card Kiosk.

    Make an Online Deposit

    1. Log into the OneCard eAccount website in a computer browser
      1. NOTE: If you are making a deposit to someone else's account, see the "Make A Guest Deposit" section below
    2. If this is the first time you've logged into your OneCard eAccount:
      1. You will be prompted for your University ID Number (Look up your University ID Number)
      2. After inputting, click the "Register" button, followed by "Accounts" in the top-left
    3. Click "Add Money" under the preferred account on the left-hand side of the page
    4. Select the preferred account from the dropdown menu under "Account"
    5. Make a "Deposit Type" selection based on the listed instructions
      1. If you select "Specific Amount", specify the "Deposit Amount" in the following section
      2. If you select "Balance Top-Off", specify the "Target Balance" in the following section
    6. Specify your "Payment Method" if there is more than one option (See below to save additional payment methods), then click "Continue"
    7. Specify your credit card information on the next screen if you selected "Credit Card" as the payment method during the previous step, then click "Submit"
    8. Verify your payment details and click "Make Deposit"

    NOTE: A convenience fee of $2.00 will be applied to each deposit to cover costs incurred by the university to process the transaction. You cannot make a deposit to multiple accounts in a single transaction (for example, depositing into Flexi and S-Dollars in the same transaction), and will need to make two separate deposits which will each incur the convenience fee. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are all accepted.

    Cash-To-Card Kiosks

    Our Cash-To-Card Kiosks, or "AMC Machines", look and operate kind of like a reverse ATM, and allow you to deposit cash onto your OneCard at no charge. They can be found at the following campus locations:

    • Founders Pavilion
    • William H. Hannon Library
    • Malone Student Center, on a pillar between the front doors of the Lion's Den Coffee Shop and the stairs on the lower level
    • University Hall, across the atrium from the Parking Office elevator lobby on the first floor
    • Von der Ahe Building
    • Hannon Apartments, near the laundry facilities
    • Leavey 5 Apartments, to the left after walking off of LaVecke Bridge from University Hall

    You can also see these locations on our Interactive Westchester Campus Map, under the "Academic and Administrative" >> "AMC Machines".

    1. Go to this special login page on the OneCard eAccount website in a computer browser
    2. Click "Make a Guest Deposit"
    3. Type in the account holder's 9-digit University ID Number (University ID Number Lookup)
    4. Follow the prompts to deposit money into their account
  • NOTE: This is not available for Guest Deposits or deposits from the eAccounts Mobile App. You must save new payment methods while logged into the account using a computer browser.

    1. Log into your OneCard eAccount in a computer browser
    2. Make a deposit (See the "Make A Deposit" section above)
    3. At the bottom of the "Receipt for Account Deposit" that displays at the end of the process, click on "Save Payment Method"
    4. Specify a unique name for this payment method, then click "Save"
    5. "Payment Method Saved" will display once it has been saved

    eAccounts Payment Saved screenshot

  • NOTE: At least one "Payment Method" must be saved in your OneCard eAccount from a computer browser before you can schedule deposits. See the "Save a Payment Method" above for more info.

    1. After saving your payment method, click "Next"
    2. Select "Scheduled Deposit" and review the information
    3. Click on "Submit Scheduled Deposit"
    4. Select "Create a Recurring Schedule"
    5. Choose the "Start Date", "End Date", and "Time" using the calendar and time icons
    6. Schedule the deposit to recur:
      • Daily - choose to recur every (x) day(s), and optionally limit the schedule to every weekday
      • Weekly - choose to recur every (x) week(s), and then choose the day of the week to begin
      • Monthly - choose to recur on (x) day every (x) month(s)
      • Yearly - choose to recur on (x) day of (x) month every year
    7. Specify if you want this recurring schedule to happen once, (x) times or never end
    8. Click "Next"

    NOTE: A convenience fee of $2.00 will be applied to each deposit to cover costs incurred by the university to process the transaction. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are all accepted.

  • Deactivate Your OneCard

    First, you need to deactivate your old OneCard to prevent anyone from using your stored funds.

    1. Use this special login link to log into your OneCard eAccount like normal:
      1. Type in your MyLMU login and password
      2. Click "Sign In"
    2. Select the card to deactivate from the dropdown menu (most users will only have one card option listed)
    3. Click "Deactivate"

    Get a Temporary OneCard

    Next, you can get a Temporary OneCard at the OneCard Office during normal business hours, or Public Safety after hours. It works the same way as a permanent OneCard, and will allow you access to everything except checking books out from the library. Please note:

    • Temporary OneCards must be returned to the OneCard Office, or there will be a $20.00 fee.
    • Temporary OneCards are not renewable.

    Replace Your OneCard

    Finally, visit the OneCard Office in University Hall, Suite 1100 (across from Einstein Bagels), during normal business hours to obtain a replacement OneCard. There is also a $20.00 fee, which can be paid through the funds available on your OneCard.

  • NOTE: At least one "Payment Method" must be saved in your OneCard eAccount from a computer browser before you can make deposits from the mobile app. See the "Save a Payment Method" section above for more info.

    1. Download the eAccounts Mobile App (Blackboard Transact Mobile eAccounts)
      1. iOS
      2. Android
    2. In the app, select "Loyola Marymount University"
    3. Choose your "Portal" ("Faculty / Staff", "Student", or "Other")
    4. Type in your MyLMU credentials and click "Sign In"
  • In order to be able to use your FLEXI account to make GrubHub purchases off-campus, you will have to create an account using your LMU email address. No other LMU stored value account is accepted off-campus.
    GrubHub's algorithm looks at all of the stored value accounts looking for the appropriate account for payment. This means that you will see several denied transactions in your eAccounts and one approved transaction. They are working at getting this updated so you will only see the approved transaction.
    Trying to add or use your OneCard via the website for payment is not active yet. This function is only available thru the GrubHub mobile app.

  • Government issued, picture ID's accepted

    • Valid Driver's License issued by a U.S. government agency or Foreign government entity provided it contains a photograph. 
    • ID card issued by a U.S. or Foreign government agency or entity, provided it contains a photograph.
    • U.S. or Foreign Passport.
    • U.S. Military card or Foreign ID with photograph.

    New Students

    New students should follow the checklist and instructions provided by Enrollment Management to complete an LMU ONECARD APPLICATION.  Upon completion of the application, the LMU OneCard will be printed and can be picked up at the student's scheduled Move-in/Orientation event.  

    New Faculty Members

    New faculty members can obtain their first LMU OneCard by processing an LMU ONECARD APPLICATION. The Registrar's Office must have at least one class registered for each Faculty member in Prowl (powered by the Banner platform) to generate a University ID (UID) Number, which is required for issuing an LMU OneCard. The OneCard can then be picked up at our office in UHall during regular business hours, 8am-5pm Mon-Fri.

    New Staff Members

    New staff members can obtain their first LMU OneCard by processing an LMU ONECARD APPLICATION once their University ID (UID) number is created by Human Resources.  The UID is required before the LMU Application can be processed. The OneCard can then be picked up at our office in UHall during regular business hours, 8am-5pm Mon-Fri.

    LMU Sponsored Affiliates

    All other LMU Affiliates must be sponsored by an LMU College or Department. Please reach out to your LMU contact/sponsor to verify whether they have started the LMU ONECARD APPLICATION on your behalf.  You will receive an email asking for additional, personal information to update the application.  Once you submit your updated information, the request will be routed to the OneCard office to create the University ID (UID) which is required before the process can move forward.  Once the UID has been created, you will receive a second email to complete the application and then your OneCard can be picked up at our office in UHall during regular business hours, 8am-5pm Mon-Fri.

  • Flexi-Dollars

    With Flexi-Dollars, you can make transactions at the LMU Bookstore, library, and mail center. In addition, you can make copies, grab a soda or snack from a vending machine, do your laundry in the residence halls, or make purchases off-campus at designated OneCard merchants. Some Flexi purchases are taxable, whether on or off-campus, but not all of them. For example, laundry and vending machines are tax-free. In addition, Flexi-Dollars carry over from year to year as long as you are actively enrolled in LMU and are available to all students, faculty, and staff.

    Where can I use Flexi Dollars on campus?

    LION Dollars

    LION Dollars (L, I, O or N Plans) are required for all students living in traditional (non-apartment) residence halls. These plans are exempt from California sales tax, are non-refundable and are purchased at the beginning of the school year. The funds must be used during the LION Plan contract year. Any remaining balance will be forfeited once the LION Plan contract year expires. For more info visit LION Plans.


    S-Dollars is a supplemental meal account option open to undergraduate students only. Balances remaining in the S-Dollars Account are carried forward from year to year. This plan is exempt from California sales tax but is only good at venues on campus and is non-refundable when the student graduates or leaves the university. If a resident student has one of the L, I, O or N Plans, they do not need an S-Dollars account but can have one if they wish.

  • LMU OneCard Office
    University Hall, Suite 1100 (across from Einstein Bagels)

    Hours of Operation:

    Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Extended Hours on Wednesday until 7:00 p.m. (during the school year)

    Phone: (310) 338-2735