Type of Work

Work Requests

Telephone or e-mail requests from students, staff or faculty requesting minor maintenance or repair are processed through the Facilities Management Help Desk. Requests may involve problems with plumbing, electricity, air comfort, locks or lights etc. Work begins as soon as possible depending on the critical nature of the situation and scheduling. Some requests may involve estimating, planning, ordering of materials, and scheduling. Work Orders are prioritized by Facilities Management and are scheduled accordingly.

Emergencies are given top priority and are addressed as soon as possible. An emergency is defined as a situation in which human life is at risk or serious injury is likely, or when significant damage or destruction of property and/or buildings is probable.

Project Work Requests

Requests which are non-maintenance and require more time, significant labor, procurement of materials, and/or the services of a contractor may be considered as a Project. Our Planning and Design section will meet with you, determine the scope of work and develop an estimate/budget. Once the work is approved, a Project Manager will be assigned to the Project to oversee the planning, construction and budget.

Routine Facilities Maintenance

Internally generated work, such as preventive maintenance and daily operation of building systems are planned and scheduled by our Work Planning section.


Facilities Management is responsible for the cost of maintenance and repair of grounds, buildings, most built-in equipment, and utility systems.

Installation, repairs, maintenance, and alterations of furnishings or special equipment used by various departments (e.g. lab equipment, desks, chairs, bookcases, shelves, bulletin boards, and file cabinets) are charged to the requesting department.

Interior decorating, such as painting or floor and window coverings, is normally funded annually from the operating budget and capital resources. Funding for these items is very limited with priority given to common areas as designated by Facilities Management.

When department funding is involved, Facilities Management will, on request, provide an estimate of the cost prior to beginning work. The requesting department is charged the actual cost of the work, not the estimated cost. Charges include direct labor and material costs. No overhead costs are included.