How We Operate

  • Facilities Management has approximately 170 employees and is divided into 5 general areas. Located east of the University Pool and north of the Tennis Courts, we strive to fulfill the university's mission by providing service that is timely, of high quality, reasonable in cost and courteous.

  • Customer Service Center

    The focal point for Facilities Management. Work requests are received and processed here. 310.338.7779.


    Manages the inventory of frequently used maintenance parts and materials for special orders.


    Oversees the relocation of offices through the use of internal staff or outside vendors.


    Oversees the installation of new furniture for projects through the use of internal staff or outside vendors.

    Special Events Coordination

    Works closely with Conference Services and Event Services to provide a point of contact within the Facilities Management Department to bring together all the services for non-routine and major events on campus. This service helps such events as graduation, open house, orientation, and campus visits by distinguished people.

    Campus Operator

    Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Contact: 310.338.2700 or ext 0 from any phone on campus.

    Purchasing & Contracts

    Procures materials to support the ongoing services of Facilities Management. This unit has extensive vendor catalogs and directories, and welcomes the general campus to utilize purchasing capabilities and resources. Oversees the contract processes for FM projects and outside services.


    Monitors and audits Facilities Management's expenditures and budgets. In general, it is responsible for the funding and payment of all Facilities Management invoices.

    Work Planning

    Creates and manages preventative maintenance schedules and other maintenance plans and procedures. Operates various software packages that help to organize, perform, and track thousands of work orders each year. Provide customers with frequently updated information regarding requests.

  • Construction

    Responsible for overseeing all construction, remodeling, and renovation through the Project Management group.

    Project Management

    Oversees and supervises the planning, remodeling and renovation of campus facilities. They also assist the customer with all budgetary issues related to their projects, including estimates. The department also facilitates the coordination of outside contractors when work requests require services too complex for campus staff to perform. In addition, the department creates, updates, and distributes computerized floor plans and keeps track of campus underground utility systems through our CAD program.

    Utilities Section

    Maintains and operates the university's Central Plant facility, as well as campus heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Also monitors electricity, gas, and water use and executes energy efficiency programs.

  • Responsible for the architectural design of interior space for remodeling, renovations, and furniture projects. Maintains blue prints and Autocad drawings of campus buildings, maps and utilities. In addition, the department creates, updates, and distributes computerized floor plans and keeps track of campus underground utility systems through our CAD program.

  • Responsible for maintaining a safe environment, while providing cost-effective and efficient facilities maintenance, custodial, grounds, transportation and waste management.

    Working under building managers, LMU's facilities are divided into zones which align more closely with the current university physical and organizational structure.

    • Zone 1: Housing residential buildings and Child Care Center.
    • Zone 2: Central Plant, Chapel, Foley, Hilton, Library and University Hall.
    • Zone 3: Burns Recreation Center, Burns Fine Arts, Bird Nest, Communication Arts, Daum Hall, Doolan Hall, East Hall, Engineering Design, Facilities Management, Hannon Loft, Jesuit Community, Malone, North Hall, Pereira, Research Annex, Seaver and Xavier.


    Consists of certified plumbers, electricians and locksmiths as well as a staff of multi-craftpersons.


    Responsible for overall condition of the landscape including parking lots and sidewalks. Mowing, tree and shrub trimming, irrigation, fertilization, interior plantscaping, weed control, debris removal, cleaning of sidewalks and roads, insect and vector control, and athletic field upkeep.


    Maintains and repairs most University vehicles, gas and diesel powered equipment, and the fleet of utility carts special orders.

    Waste Management

    Handles collection, storage and removal of recyclable materials and waste disposal from academic and housing facilities.