Teaching Resources

The following programs are available to support part-time faculty in their teaching of courses at LMU. For up-to-date details about these programs, please visit the Other Resources for Part Time Faculty section of the Center of Teaching Excellence website.


The Center for Teaching Excellence offers all-day, part-time faculty orientations before the start of each semester. The stipend for participation is $100. Participation in the orientation is open to all new (and also some seasoned) part-time faculty members; participation in the other programs is based on a competitive application or nomination process. Read more.

Course Development Grants

The grants support the development and implementation of significant changes to existing courses in order to enhance student engagement. Part-time faculty members need to have taught these courses at LMU before and have to demonstrate the appropriateness of the suggested changes as well as garner support from the department / program. Course development grants are $500 each. Read more.

Course Development Workshops

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers pedagogy workshops for part-time faculty. A limited number of $50 stipends for half-day workshops and of $100 stipends for full-day workshops are available for part-time faculty members who teach during the upcoming academic year. During the summer of 2015, part-time faculty members can apply under this program to participate in Core Course Development Workshops and in a Course Design and an Active Learning Workshop. Part-time faculty members are encouraged to approach the CTE for targeted workshops for groups of other part-time faculty members. Read more.

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program allows part-time faculty to develop their teaching and courses whilst being mentored by an experienced LMU instructor for one semester. Read more.

Teaching Award

Each semester, one part-time faculty member is recognized for his/her successful teaching based on criteria such as passion, engagement, high standards, student support, continuous improvement, etc. Partā€time faculty members currently employed by LMU and with at least a two-semester teaching record at LMU are eligible. Recipients get a $1,500 award and are recognized at the annual Academic Awards Convocation. Read more.

Travel Grants

Travel grants support travel to teaching-related conferences and workshops that have a clear connection to pedagogical aspects of the part-time faculty member's teaching at LMU and student learning. Such grants are available to part-time faculty members who have been teaching somewhat regularly at LMU and are projected to teach in subsequent semesters; applications require the support of the department / program. Travel grants cover direct travel-related expenses up to $1,200. Read more.