Project Overview

The mission of Propel LMU is to increase our ability to analyze, imagine, and enact solutions that propel the university into the future.

The Need: Optimizing Business Practices
LMU’s current finance and HR systems and related business processes were developed in 1998, at the dawn of the internet era. The age of these systems and processes create inefficiencies that are difficult to scale in support of the university’s growth. The Propel LMU project team is collaborating with campus subject matter experts to gather intelligence on what financial and HR processes are fundamental to a top-ranked university in the 21st century. From these findings, the Propel LMU project team will craft and implement a fully integrated cloud-based system that will help drive LMU innovation forward.

The Need: Delivering Smarter Systems
LMU’s systems are no longer adequate in supporting the university’s critical business functions. While we have been able to absorb increases in enrollment and research activities over the last 20 years, the current financial and HR processes are fragmented and make long-term innovation unsustainable, without upgrading our business systems. Updating our software infrastructure will allow us to nimbly adapt to serve the ever-changing needs of LMU’s current trajectory.

Why Workday
After an exhaustive 7-month request for proposal (RFP) process, our two cross-sectional committees composed of LMU administrative and academic leaders determined that Workday is the system best suited to the university’s needs.

  • The industry leader in HR and financial management systems, and the first true cloud application built for higher education.
  • Workday seamlessly merges payroll, finance, and HR operations, allowing for greater integration across different university processes.
  • Full-service, cloud-based platform is adeptly suited to the demands and workflows of our HR and Finance departments in today’s digital age.