Project Overview

LMU has begun a multi-year project, entitled Propel LMU, to transform the way the university uses software to run its HR and financial processes. Cross-sectional committees, composed of administrative and academic leaders, have been convened to guide the selection and implementation of new software that will replace the existing software, which was implemented in 1998. LMU has also retained the services of an outside partner, Moran Technology Consulting, to work with these two committees on the process of selecting a software vendor and systems implementer. Phase one of this project, anticipated to be completed by the end of 2019, involves the vendor selection process.

Optimizing Business Practices

Current finance and HR systems, and the related business processes, were developed as much as 20 years ago. The age of these systems and processes create inefficiencies and difficulties in scaling them to support the university's growth. The Propel LMU Project Team will collaborate with campus subject matter experts to document and refine business processes, focusing on lean business principles, and implement software solutions that support efficient campus workflow.

Delivering Smarter Systems

LMU's systems are no longer adequate in supporting the university's critical business functions. While we have been able to absorb the increases in enrollment and research activities with adjustments to processes, the university is unable to sustain this without upgrading our business systems. Renewing our systems will allow us to adjust nimbly in addressing the ever-changing needs of LMU.