Parking Advisory Committee

The Parking Advisory Committee (PAC) is charged with representing their various constituent groups across the University to discuss parking issues and compose, discuss, and recommend policies governing campus parking for approval by the President and Provost's Cabinet. The Parking Appeals Board is a subcommittee of the PAC and reviews second level appeals. 

The committee consists of the following members of the LMU community:

Voting Members

  • Rhonda Rosen, William H. Hannon Library
  • Ashley Wilson, Manager of Enrollment Management
  • Rob Raichlen, Director of Internal Communications, Marketing and Communications
  • Dan Smith, Associate Athletic Director
  • Daniel Martinez, Assistant Chief of Public Safety
  • Kathleen Crilly, Assistant Director of Special Events
  • Graduate Student
  • Kris Okimoto, Staff Senate
  • Paul De Sena, Professor, School of Education, Faculty Senate
  • Raymond Dennis, Associate VP, Auxiliary Management and Business Affairs
  • Catharine Christof, Professor, College of Fine Arts
  • Martin Alvarez, Executive Director of Facilities Management
  • Trevor Wiseman, Associate Director for Resident Services
  • Jessica Lyon, Director of Operations at Seaver College of Science and Engineering

Ex – Officio Members

  • Gary Bolton, Director of Parking and Transportation
  • Mike Wong, Associate VP for Administration Services
  • Brittney Savala, Parking and Transportation Cashier
  • Laura Jimenez, Parking and Transportation Internal Operations Manager