Halima Rasley, B.A.

Halima Rasley was born in Chicago, but moved to Southern California to pursue her education. She graduated with her Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education from National University Class of 2018. In 2019 Halima had the chance to take a RIE class which she learned more about how to help children to slow down in the classroom. Halima was excited to take the class because it really aligned with her belief that children should be treated with respect, given a safe space to learn, and that trusting the children to show the adults who they are. Taking the RIE class continued her passion for behavior, and the importance in understanding it to better help all children. This is one of her many motivations for her to continue her education and obtain a Master's in Special Education in the near future. Halima has been working with children since she was thirteen, and has been teaching in a classroom for almost four years. She is very passionate and loves learning from the children in her class, as well as outside of it. She believes that as teachers, we are not only teaching children, but they are teaching us as well. Halima looks forward to all the memories she will continue to make with your children.