Workstation Evaluation

Workstation evaluations are available for employees who work on a computer throughout the day and employees who are experiencing symptoms of repetitive stress (musculoskeletal disorders).

The assessment focuses on several aspects of an office environment such as the chair, desk, keyboards, monitor, employee body movements and work habits.

  • Ergonomic Evaluation - What to Expect

    Workstation assessment includes:

    • Interview with employee.
    • Observation of essential job tasks.
    • Photo documentation (when applicable).
    • Identification of risk factors.
    • Onsite workstation adjustments, including existing equipment and employee work processes.

    What to expect:

    • Discussion Period: Basic questions are asked about your job
    • Evaluation/Observation: Ergonomic Evaluator observes activity of your job
    • Time Frame for Initial Ergonomic Evaluation: It should be 30 minutes to 1 hour
    • Time Frame for Standard Ergonomic Cases: 6-8 weeks (includes follow-ups and purchases if needed)
    • Report: Provides you with recommendations to reduce risks of incurring work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs)

    Inform your direct supervisor that you will be requesting an ergonomic evaluation.

  • Request An Ergonomic Evaluation

    What to expect before, during and after an ergonomic evaluation:

    • If the employee is feeling any aches, pains or physical tensions at work, their physician should be contacted prior an ergonomics evaluation.
    • The ergonomics evaluation is approximately 30 – 45 minutes.
    • Any substantial equipment recommendations will require a physician's notice. For example, Sit/Stands typically require a physician's medical certificate.
    • The email summary of the ergonomic evaluation takes up to 10 days to be created, routed to the supervisor for review, and to then be directly forwarded to the employee to start "next steps". Please note, depending on the severity of the case, we always try to expedite as soon as possible.
    • The summary to the supervisor will not include any health conditions/history voluntarily shared during the evaluation and it's context is generalized to support the privacy of the employee. Please note, the employee is not obligated to share any private medical history with the ergonomist.
    • The complete ergonomic process can take up to 6-8 weeks for completion depending on the purchase and installation of equipment.
    • The employee and employee's department are responsible overseeing the procurement and installation of any recommended ergonomic equipment. Any equipment recommended will be purchased by the department's P-card to then be interoffice charged to Human Resources.
    • The employee and employee's department are responsible for creating and following up with any recommended FM or ITS service requests.
    • Upon the final delivery and installation of any equipment (if any), it is the responsibility of the employee to schedule a follow-up if desired.

    How to Request an Ergonomic Evaluation

    1. Inform your direct supervisor that you will be requesting an ergonomic evaluation.
    2. Register for an evaluation.
    3. Complete the self-assessment form.
    4. Make any necessary adjustments at your workstation when completing the self-assessment.
    5. Email to to confirm date/time of evaluation.