There are currently more than 3,500 LGBTQ+ therapists in the BetterHelp network, which represents around 17-18% of their therapists. Also within their network over 41% identify as BIPOC. Choose a therapist that best connects with you conveniently though texting, chat or live video.

There are two ways LMU/LLS faculty and staff can access FREE BetterHelp sessions. You can:

  1. Access BetterHelp directly if you are a first-time user, or
  2. Go through MyHelp. To possibly get 9-10 free sessions, one would have to be a first-time user with BetterHelp.

We recommend going directly to BetterHelp, and when your free sessions are over, you can contact MyHelp for five more free sessions. Please note, the continuity of your therapist may not be gauranteed depending on the time lapse between access. Speak to a Health Advocate specialist about how to best navigate your care with MyHelp.

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