We are pleased to announce that the University and Law School will begin using a new timecard/payroll system called MyTime. MyTime will replace the current process and provide a web based tool for entering daily hours worked and submitting bi-weekly timesheets electronically.


A solution that unifies payroll and human resources data which is more adaptable to LMU’s complex timekeeping and payroll needs such as, multiple approvers at an entry level, workflow for timekeeping functions, and grant tracking capabilities at the supervisor level.

  • A solution that has stronger capabilities to support compliance with state and federal wage and hour laws and regulations and University policies.
  • Customized tutorial guides embedded in the timecard and workflow capabilities around timecard approvals that support business processes and create efficiencies and more ways to input time into the timekeeping system.
  • A more robust internal control environment that significantly decreases manual processes; thus, substantially reducing the “human” element of errors and providing greater visibility of timecards for all students assigned to supervisors.

Letter from the Controller to the Graduate Student Supervisors

Faculty & Staff



Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

As a student, how will the implementation of a new payroll system affect my pay?
If you are a student on the Westchester campus, you will be moving from a semi-monthly payroll (twice a month) to a bi-weekly payroll (every two weeks). Your hourly rate will not change but your paycheck amounts will be smaller each pay period because you will be paid more frequently. LLS students' pay will not be impacted.

What changes can we expect to see with the new payroll system?
The new payroll system allows LMU faculty and staff to take advantage of additional features in our current employee self service application. Currently at the Westchester Campus, you can view your HR personal, demographic, and employment data and update your address while on the LMU network (myLMU). Coming soon, you will be able to update your W4 form, add or update your direct deposit information, and view your pay stubs and W-2s. iPay will still be available as well. LLS campus faculty and staff will also gain additional functionality down the road due to the improved integration required to implement this new system.

How will I access Employee Self-Service?
More information on accessing employee self service for the above functions will be disseminated during the training sessions for myTime.

Where are the time clocks located?

  • Communication Arts
  • Lions Athletic Center Ticket Office VDA
  • Lion's Den Coffee Shop
  • Seaver Science Hall
  • University Hall
  • Hilton Center for Business
  • East Hall
  • Gersten Pavilion
  • Malone 1st floor
  • Foley Annex
  • Burns Recreation center
  • Burns Fine Arts
  • Drollinger Parking Plaza
  • U-Hall mail room

How do I get registered on a time clock?
Students and clock employees can obtain registrations by contacting payroll services between the hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm PT.

Time-Off Requests

Does the time-off request function have an option to export into Outlook or some other calendar format? Can it send an email or other notification that can be imported to the calendar?
The time-off request does not have the option to export to Outlook, but there is a calendar report that a manager can run which provides a calendar of all of the time off requested in their area.


Does a Delegate receive all of the notifications for a user, or does the Supervisor still receive them? For example, a faculty member sets up an assistant to approve timesheets - can that assistant receive the notifications instead of the faculty member?
The delegation proves is designed for both the manager and the delegate to receive the notifications.

Why are the notifications going to junk email?
Please adjust your spam to setting low = actions/junk/junk options = low.

Why am I receiving certain notifications?
Please review list of notifications below:

Exception DescriptionMessageRecipientActivated By
Work Study Low
To allow managers to monitor award balances.
Award Balance is less than $700. Manager Triggers when balance in bank is less than 700.
Timesheet Not Submitted
To help managers identify employees who need to review and submit their time.
The Employee has not submitted their timecard. Manager and Employee Triggers after period end when the employee has not submitted their time.
Timesheet Not Submitted in Prior Period
To alert managers that an employee may not be paid correctly since they did not review their time.
The Employee did not submit the prior period timecard. Manager and Employee Triggers after prior period ends when an employee did not submit their time sheet.
Timesheet Saved by Another User
To alert the employee that their timecard was updated by their manager so that they can review it.
Your timesheet was saved by another user. Employee Email sent one time to notify them that their timecard has been adjusted by manager.
Employee has No Time on Timecards
Manager has an active employee who has not recorded any hours for the past week.
There are cumulative zero hours recorded for the week for all timecards. Manager One Time, the Friday of week.
Missing Punch Modified- Manager/Admin
To alert the employee that their timecard was updated by their manager so that they can review it.
A manager or administrator has updated your timesheet. Employee Somebody other than worker has manually corrected a missed punch or changed time on a specified date.
Missing Punch Modified- Employee
To alert the manager that their employee has made a revision to their timecard.
Employee <name>has corrected a missing punch. Manager When time with a missing punch has been manually corrected.
Submit Reminder
To remind employees of the timecard deadline.
Please submit your timesheet before the pay period end date. All Un-submitted Employees Friday before PP End 3:00 pm.
Submit 2nd Reminder
To alert employees that the deadline is approaching.
Please submit your timesheet before the pay period end date. All Un-submitted Employees Monday after PP End 10:00 am.
Manager Approval Reminder
To alert managers that did not submit their time and the deadline has passed and that their timecard approval is still required.
The following employee timesheets have not yet been approved: List of Employee names, IDs. Manager Monday after PP End 11:00 am.


Can a user view multiple pay periods at a time, or do they need to use the Reports function to see, for example, the number of hours they worked in a month?
Currently, a report is required to see all hours worked in a month. However, we agree that this is a great feature and are looking into changing the view to include a date range view option.

If a student chooses the wrong time sheet to record their time, how will the time be adjusted?
If the student chooses the wrong time sheet, thus the wrong assignment, the student will have to notify the payroll department to make the transfer.

I do not see the drop-down window for comments in myTime.
The comments window in myTime does not have pre-established comments. It is an open field that you can record your specific comment. The field is unrestricted, but the comment should be short.

Will there be a myTime Spanish version. Therefore depending on their sign in, an individual would get Spanish or English?
No, myTime will not have a Spanish version.

If an individual enters vacation time, does not have enough accrual, is the system „smart enough‟ to know they should not be able to put in sick time in replacement of vacation time?
No, there is no way for the system to prevent an individual from recording sick time that is available.

Can non-exempt employees enter sick or vacation time in half hour increments or will it still be in hour increments?
According to LMU policy, sick and vacation time must be recorded in one hour increments for non-exempt employees and full day increments for exempt employees.

Once vacation pre-approved, can an employee cancel it? Meaning I take a vacation day on Monday and Wednesday I come in and cancel it and therefore get my vacation day back on my accrual?
Yes, vacation can be canceled using the cancel vacation request feature in myTime. Your accrual would reflect the cancellation.

My students are often off site or away from computers working at events. The new process of students having to clock in and out using the web clock will not work in this situation.
Occasional off-site work for students requires the manager to record the students' hours in myTime.

How long do students have to correct a missing punch?
Students can correct a missing punch anytime during the pay period.

Suppose a student has more than one work award and chooses the wrong account when completing the time card for a given pay period. If the manager discovers this error when reviewing the timecard at the end of the pay period (prior to submitting approval), is there a way for the manager to make the correction?
The work award is connected to the job (assignment). Therefore, the student has no way to select the award. However, a student can select the wrong assignment, which requires a transfer by payroll.

Are we as managers able to approve a timecard for an exempt employee who has not yet reviewed their own timecard?
Time sheet approvals should happen after your employee has approved their time sheet.

How will the rounding rules apply?
7 minute grace / 15 minute rounding. When employees clock in and out they will be paid in quarter hour increments. This means that a punch time of 7:07 am will be graced to 7:00 am and a 7:08 am will round forward to 7:15 am. When a punch falls within the grace period the time rounds backward or forward to the beginning of that 15-minute period. If the punch does not fall within the "grace period", time is rounded to the next 15-minute increment. These rounding rules apply to in and out punches.

What are the deadlines for approving and submitting time?
Supervisors should approve time by 11:00 am on the Monday prior to payday for Bi-Weekly employees. This will give Payroll Services enough time to verify all approvals and time sheet errors prior to moving the data to Oracle Payroll.

How do I handle making corrections to my timesheet after the payroll has been run?
If a time period has closed and adjustments need to be made, managers can use the Amended timesheet for up to two prior pay periods. Please see myTime training documents on the mylmu website and search for "myTime Managers Training Guide" for information on how to perform this action.

What type of timesheet will graduate students use?
Graduate students will use the time entry timesheet, which allows them to record their time manually.

What type of timesheet will Lions for Learning and LMU Partners students use?
Graduate students will use the time entry timesheet, which allows them to record their time manually.