25Live FAQs

What is 25Live?

25Live is the Series25 web-based room request and event scheduling, calendaring, and publishing application where, with the appropriate rights, you can: 

- Create an event from scratch by selecting an available location and date.

- Schedule an event occurring on a single or multiple dates (the latter specified as either "ad hoc" or a meeting pattern).

- Check daily and/or weekly availability grids to look for locations. 


How do I gain access to the 25Live Event Portal?

Please contact the Event Scheduling Office for future training dates and to gain access to 25Live. If you need additional resources, please consult the training materials featured on our website. Please note, only Faculty & Staff will have access to 25Live with their MyLMU user name. Registered Student Organizations will continue to go through the Student Leadership & Development office. 


What is the web address for the 25Live Event Portal?

For direct access, we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox and bookmarking the following website: 25Live.com/collegenet.com/lmu


I would like to change some of the event details for my event or cancel my event entirely. How do I make these changes or cancel my event on 25Live?

Conference & Event Services will still have their change form and cancellation form active for clients to submit. If you would like to submit a change and/or cancellation form, please click here.


How much time is required between two events?

Our department's requirement is that there must be at least two hours between events. 


How far in advance can I reserve a location for my event(s)?

Our department's standard is to allow reservations to be made to the end of the current academic year (August-May). 


I'm using Google Chrome or Firefox browser and I see messages saying, "This page contains the following errors". What do I do?

If you see the above error, you must clear the cache from your Google Chrome or Firefox browser. For MACs, please click command+shift+delete. For PCs, please click control+shift+delete. 


Who should I contact with any questions?

Please call the Event Scheduling Office at (310) 338-2878 or email them at scheduling@lmu.edu.