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lmu student housing residence halls

Loyola Marymount University's traditional residence halls are home to predominantly first-year students. In these buildings, two LMU students share a room, and the residents on the floor share one or more bathrooms. The other community spaces included are study rooms, lounges and a laundry facility. In addition, most first-year buildings are located in close proximity to each other creating a unique and supportive "First Year" community that supports and promotes the success of each student transitioning to college life. Explore each hall below and learn about the unique programs and amenities offered!

lmu housing living options suites

Our suite-style residence halls are home to predominantly second year students. In a suite, two students share a room which is connected by a bathroom to another two-student room; the four suitemates share a bathroom. The other community spaces included in the building are study rooms, lounges and a laundry facility.

lmu housing living options apartments

Our apartments are home to mainly upper-division students. The apartments are fully furnished, complete with full kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Most of our apartments are two-bedroom, one-bath units designed to accommodate four students (two students in each bedroom). Our newest addition the LMU Housing family, Palm South, features 5-person apartments (2 doubles and 1 single room) and pod-style living options. Apartments vary in the locations of campus, Living Learning programs and amenities offered.

lmu housing living options houses

LMU's two university student houses are home to students accepted into the International House and the Service and Action House. These houses provide a rich, "real world" experience packed with co-curricular elements that complement the House's intentional theme while supported by university staff.  Students must be eligible and apply for these Living Learning Communities through their Housing application as space is limited. 

Explore the Available Houses: