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This webpage is no longer being updated as of 1/1/15.

Please click HERE for updated information.

The parking department at LMU utilizes license plate recognition (LPR) technology to identify registered vehicles and their parking privileges. No physical (hangtag/sticker) permit are issued. Registration and payment for parking are done online, via LMU Park found on the mylmu portal. Multiple vehicles may be registered, however, only one vehicle may be on campus at a time. Parking assignments are based on your association, so please review your parking privileges prior to parking on campus.

In order to register your vehicle for semester, you will need the following:

  • Make
  • Model
  • License plate number and state (Enter alphanumeric characters only - Skip any spaces, punctuation and/or special characters when entering your plate number.  If your vehicle has no plates yet, enter the last 8 digits of your VIN number and update once you receive your new plates.)

*You may also pay by day at a pay station or through the Parkmobile app. LMU is zone 961 when paying via Parkmobile. 

Find Your Correct Registration Group by Clicking Below



*** LMU Extension and AFROTC affiliates - Permit dates and rates are based on LMU student and employee permits. Certain payment methods may not be available.

Purchase a permit via the following steps:

  1. Login to my.lmu.edu
  2. Select "Systems Login"
  3. Select "LMUpark"
  4. Click on “Purchase Permits”
  5. Follow the online prompts


Charges are billed to Student Accounts automatically beginning spring 2014*. Students who will not be bringing a vehicle may elect to opt-out of this automatic parking fee. For more information regarding these changes, please click HERE to read more about it. 

  • Fall $335 (August 1 - January 15)
  • Spring $335 (January 1 - August 15, includes summer)
  • Summer $200 (May 1 - August 15)

*Summer only permits are purchased via credit card online or at the Parking Office window.


Student parking permits are based on housing assignments and enforced by sector. Students not assigned to housing on campus are considered commuter students. Please know your parking assignments before parking to avoid a parking citation. Please click HERE for list of campus parking maps.


Parking and Transportation is working with the University's Office of Enrollment Management to offer a limited number of parking supplements to qualified, commuter students. Eligible students will be notified via e-mail by Parking and Transportation with instructions. For more information, please contact the parking office at parking@lmu.edu or review the FAQ by clicking the link below.

Transportation Allowance FAQ‌‌‌

To register your vehicle and purchase parking, visit mylmu and login with your LMU credentials. From the upper right, select "System Logins," then "LMU Park." 

Faculty & Staff


Purchase a permit via the following steps:

  1. Login to my.lmu.edu
  2. Select "Systems Login"
  3. Select "LMUpark"
  4. Click on “Purchase Permits”
  5. Follow the online prompts

*For more detailed information and step-by-step instructions regarding registration and payment by payroll deduction, click HERE


Faculty and staff will pay for parking via payroll deduction or via online credit card. When you log into LMUpark your available method of payment will be automatically selected based on your employment classification.  Refer to the HR Employee Classification table below to identify your classification and payment options.

HR Employee Classification

Groups A, B, D, E, F, G, H

For those eligible for payroll deduction...

  • the annual rate of $696 is separated into 24 payment of $29/pay period to be deducted from each paycheck (*certain individuals may have a bi-monthly monthly deductions) 
    • The permit auto-renews each month until a cancellation is requested by the employee (continues indefinitely during time of employment)
    • If you wish to cancel, please e-mail parking@lmu.edu
      • Cancellations should be done with a minimum of at least one period of advanced notice and will deactivate a permit's privilege immediately, however, it may still be deducted from your next paycheck depending on the payroll cutoff date for changes
        • Please visit the payroll calendar for more information HERE 
      • Once cancelled, you may not sign up for a permit again until the next academic term
  • The program is pay-as-you-go so you do not have to prepay for parking or pay a lump sum up front
    • Deductions occur after the pay period meaning you are purchasing parking after the use
      • Refunds will not be issued due to payment being in arrears

Groups C, I - Part-Time Temp, Per Diem Faculty and Staff


Part-Time Temp, Per Diem Faculty and Staff are offered a flat rate of $150 per semester. Please visit LMU Park via the mylmu portal to register your car and purchase a parking permit.

Permits are available on a pre-paid per-term basis following the date cycles below: 

  • Fall $150 (August 1 - January 15)
  • Spring $150 (January 1 - May 31)
  • Summer $75 (May 1 - August 15)


Permits are non-refundable and are not prorated.

*Monthly permits ($32) are now offered online and through the parking service window in University Hall, ste. 1766.


A transportation allowance will be automatically added to CURRENT eligible faculty and staff salaries based on their salary tier similar to the tiered, medical-insurance benefit.  Some full-time faculty and staff will receive a permanent, one-time salary increase. Faculty and staff earning less than $35,000 per year will have $348 --50% of the annual parking fee -- added to their salary. Those earning $35,000-$69,999 will have $174 -- or 25% -- of the annual fee added to their salary. 

The allowance will be...

  • Received by current eligible faculty and staff only and will be based on their salaries as of December 2012.  Individuals hired after this date will not be offered the transportation allowance
  • Received by eligible faculty and staff regardless of their purchase of a parking permit
  • Those eligible for the pay Increase, it is effective on the pay period beginning:
    • 1/6/2013-1/19/2013  and PAID on 1/25/2013 (for bi-weekly)
    • 1/16/2013 – 1/31/2013 and PAID on 1/31/2013 (for semi-monthly) (Full-time Faculty)

To register your vehicle or to purchase parking, visit MyLMU and login with your LMU credentials. From the upper right, select "System Logins," then "LMU Park." 


Affiliates are not LMU employees or current students. Affiliates typically are vendors or visitors conducting routine and/or formal business at LMU.


Affiliates of LMU are offered a flat rate of $290 per semester or a monthly permit of $58. Please contact the parking office for the most recent information regarding permits.

Permits are available on a pre-paid per-term basis following the date cycles below:

  • Fall $290 (August 1 - January 15)
  • Spring $290 (January 1 - May 31)
  • Summer $116 (May 1 - August 15)

Permits are non-refundable and are not prorated. Payment and registration is done online or at the Parking Office window. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and cash are all acceptable forms of payment. Please e-mail parking@lmu.edu or call (310)-338-1681 with any questions.


To register your vehicle, click HERE. If you are unsure of your affiliate status, please contact the parking and transportation office.

Affiliates may also register and pay daily via Parkmobile or by purchasing a day pass through LMUpark as a guest.

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