All vehicles parked at LMU must pay for parking. Parking charges apply Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm. Drivers are expected to review the University's Parking Rules and Regulations.


Parking and Transportation utilizes license plate recognition (LPR) technology to identify registered vehicles, payment status, and their parking privileges. Your license plate acts as your permit number. If your vehicle has personalized plates, you must omit non-alphanumeric and special characters. Characters to omit include; spaces, dots, dashes, hearts, stars, and handprints. Please enter all vehicle information correctly when paying for parking. Errors and typos in registration are the responsibility of the registrant. Failure to accurately enter vehicle information may result in a citation and/or tow.

If your vehicle does not have a license plate, you must register using the last eight (8) characters of your vehicle's VIN Number.

Payment and Rates

Parking may be purchased at the time of parking through any Pay Stations, by mobile phone via Parkmobile*, or in advance through LMU Park. Rates are $2 every 20 minutes, with a daily maximum of $10.

Pay Station Locations

  • Lot-A, Hannon Parking Lot
  • Lot-C, Burns Rec Center
  • Lot-D, Life Sciences Building levels P1 & P2
  • Lot-H, Del Rey Parking Area (South)
  • Lot-I, Xavier Parking Lot
  • Lot-L, Drollinger Parking Plaza
  • Lot-M, Von der Ahe (VDA) Parking Lot
  • Lot-U, University Hall Parking Garage levles P2 & P3

*Parkmobile is a convenient way to purchase parking via mobile phone. To use Parkmobile you must have the app installed on your smartphone and use the location code of 961 for LMU. LMU Park is an online portal convenient for purchasing parking in advance.

Rev.2015-08-27 (cw)