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Visitor Payment

Parking charges apply Monday through Friday, 8 am until 8 pm. California Vehicle Code and timed spaces are enforced 24/7. Parking at LMU is permit-less, meaning your license plate acts as your permit number. License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology scans each license plate in order to determine parking privileges and payment status. Vehicles in violation are subject to citation and/or tow. Please enter all vehicle information carefully. New vehicles must be updated prior to parking on campus. Vehicle registration and updates are the responsibility of the driver.

If you are an LMU employee or affiliate and would like to purchase a long-term permit, please visit our community member page HERE

Daily Visitor Parking Fee Schedule (Pay Stations and Parkmobile only)

  • First 20 minutes: Free (requires vehicle registration)
  • Every Additional 20 Minutes: $2
  • Daily Maximum: $10
    • Maximum must be paid in a single transaction
    • Incremental transactions will not count towards the daily maximum

How to Pay

Parking permits may be purchased at Pay Stations in specific lots, via Parkmobile phone app or online through LMU Park. Each payment method requires a valid license plate to be entered at the time of payment. Invalid or incorrect license plate entry may result in the incorrect issuance of a citation. Please purchase carefully and use exact change, refunds are not available.

  • Incremental payments available
    • $2 every 20 minutes, first 20 minutes free with registration
    • Daily maximum of $10 must be purchased at initial transaction; incremental payments do not count towards the daily maximum
  • Accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover
    • Also Flexi Dollars for LMU students and employees
  • Extend your parking session via Extend-by-Phone
    • Please note payments through Extend-by-Phone do not count towards the daily maximum
      • Use Extend-by-Phone carefully, may lead to payments exceeding the daily maximum
  • Cash up to $10 bills, quarters and dollar coins
    • Use exact change
    • No refunds

Purchasing parking in advance online through LMU Park

Permit Type Rate Description
Daily Permit $10.00
  • $10.00 flat rate
  • Select your date in advance
  • No Refunds
3 Day Permit $30.00
  • 3 consecutive days
  • No Refunds
Monthly Permit $58.00
  • 30 consecutive days from date selected
  • No Refunds
Semester Permit $290.00 (Fall and Spring, $116.00 Summer)
  • Fall (August 1 - January 15)
  • Spring (January 1 - May 31)
  • Summer (May 1 - August 15)
  • No Refunds

Via smart phone using the ParkMobile App. Click HERE for more information.

  • LMU zone is 961
  • Incremental payments available
    • $2 every 20 minutes, first 20 minutes free with registration

For additional instructions on using the payment methods above, click HERE.

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