Students registered in 7 or more billable hours will automatically be charged $335 for parking via their student account on a semester basis.

Students who choose not to bring a vehicle may opt-out of the semester parking charge. These steps will need to be taken each semester if not parking on campus. You may also read further instructions.

  1. Log into
  2. Select "LMU Park" from the "System Logins" menu.
  3. Complete the Student Opt-Out Form at the bottom of the page. 

If you are waitlisted for classes and are officially registered for less than seven semester hours, the parking fee will be delayed until course load exceeds seven semester hours. If you are unsure of your final unit load for the semester and wish to opt-out, please do not wait until after the deadline has passed. There is no penalty for opting-out with less than seven semester hours. 

All students who have not submitted an online form opting-out by the the University's class add/drop deadline each semester will be charged $335. Refund requests after the deadline will follow the University's Refund Percentage Periods

Questions or comments? Contact the Parking Office.

Opt-Out FAQs

Since I am automatically charged for parking, do I need to register my vehicle?
Yes, you will still need to register your vehicle to prevent being cited and/or towed.

How will I be charged for parking?
Students registered for seven or more billable hours will be charged via their student account.

If I opt-out and then decide to bring a car, can I purchase a parking permit?
Yes, opting-out will not prevent you from purchasing a parking permit in the future. Simply log into Select "LMU Park" from the "System Logins" menu. At the bottom of the LMU Park main page, select "Purchase Permit" and follow the on-screen prompts. Permits are not prorated. 

Rev.2016-07-012 (nms)