Read the full Rules and Regulations before parking on campus.

Affiliates are typically non-LMU employees that are frequently on campus providing service as a vendor or contracted employee (i.e. Sodexo, Follet, Allied Barton). Other examples of affiliates are Recreation Center members who are not faculty, staff or student, volunteers and any person that has regular business on campus. Affiliates may purchase parking as they go like a visitor or choose to purchase a longer-term parking permit through LMU Park.

  • $290 per Fall Semester Permit (August 1 - January 15) or Spring Semester Permit (January 1 - May 31)
  • $116 per Summer Permit (May 1 - August 15)
  • $58 per Month (1 month from purchase date)
  • $10 per Day Permit

Permits are non-refundable. Vendors who frequent LMU should read about the Vendor Parking Program.

Rev.2015-10-20 (cw)