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All drivers are expected to read, understand, and comply with the University's Rules & Policies. Vehicles not in compliance will be cited and/or towed at the vehicle owner's expense.

For a complete list of citations and their definitions, click Citation Definitions.

Payments can also be made at the Parking Office in University Hall Suite 1766. 

Otherwise, you may mail a check to:

                                                                              Loyola Marymount University
                                                                              Dept. of Parking and Transportation
                                                                              1 LMU Drive Ste. 1766
                                                                              Los Angeles, CA 90045



The Department of Parking and Transportation applies late fees and charges to any citations left unpaid for more than 14 calendar days from the date of issuance in accordance with the Citation Late Fees Policy‌. Student citations and late fees will be transferred to their student accounts.

Faculty, staff, visitors, and all others with 4 or more unpaid citations will be subject to the University’s Towing Policy. Once a vehicle is towed, it is the responsibility of the owner to retrieve the vehicle and pay impound charges. In addition, on-campus parking privileges will not be reinstated until all citations are paid. 

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