Equal Employment Materials

Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law (federal)

Discrimination and Harassment in Employment Prohibited by Law (state)

Facts About Sexual Harassment Pamphlet (state)

Discrimination is Against the Law Pamphlet (state)

Employment Discrimination Based on Disability Pamphlet (state)

Pregnancy Discrimination Pamphlet (state)

Guide for Complainants and Respondents Pamphlet (state)

Leave of Absence Materials

Employee Rights and Responsibilities Under the FMLA (federal)

California Family Rights Act Pamphlet (state)

Notice A - Pregnancy Disability Leave (state)

Notice B - Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA) and Pregnancy Disability Leave (state)

Workers Compensation Benefits

Notice to Employees - Injuries Caused by Work (state)

State Disability and Unemployment Insurance Benefit Materials

EDD Notice to Employees - Disability & Unemployment Insurance, Paid Family Leave (state)

Notice to Employees - Unemployment Insurance (state)

EDD For Your Benefit (state)

State Disability Insurance Benefits (state)

Paid Family Leave Pamphlet (state)

Wage and Hour Materials

FLSA Minimum Wage Poster (federal)

Earned Income Credit (federal)

Wage Order 5 (state)

CA Minimum Wage 2014 (state)

Notice to Employees re Withholdings (state)

Payroll Calendar 2014

Miscellaneous Materials

Notice Employee Polygraph Protection Act (federal)

Safety and Health Protection on the Job (state)

OSHA Forms 300a (state)

Whistleblowers are Protected (state)

Your Rights Under USERRA (federal)

Employee Rights under the National Labor Relations Act (federal) [English]

Employee Rights under the National Labor Relations Act (federal) [Spanish]